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           The ''Lyrical Architecture''of M.G. Florentine....

M.G. Florentine is a ''phenomenal'' International Reggae Funk Artist and was
born on the 5 December in Mahe Beau Vallon, Seychelles - one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and resides in Basel, Switzerland.  He's traveled the International waters touring the European continent, honing his skills and crafting his sound, which might be described as World music with the blend of Reggae bass lines, R&B overtures, Soft Rock melodies and Funk.

M.G. Florentine is from a musical family, student of the music academy of Basel, Switzerland, speaks five languages.  M.G. Florentine's a songwriter,musician, and singer with a unique voice and mystic flow, and is certainly one of the most charismatic singers in Europe.  After a third solo album and having experienced many European tours, through 2007-2008 M.G. Florentine continued making music for TV/TV-Animations in  Italy as he continued touring with many bands in Italy, Seychelles Islands, Germany, Japan, Switzerland etc.  As well as performing in concerts and recording with - 1001 Ways in the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.  ''Come On People'' is one of M.G. Florentine's solo albums recorded with Dave Danhen, the guitarist from the famous band...(Talk Talk) in London.

In 2009, M.G. Florentine was elected Peace Ambassador from the Universal Peace Federation, which is a branch under the United Nations, then from 2010-2012 M.G. Florentine continued to do live venues and festivals, as well as songwriting for other artists.

M.G. Florentine is a phenomenal songwriter, musician, and performer, between his singing, the ''instrumentation'' of M.G. Florentine's music and the familiarity of his lyrics, it's easy to get ''lost in the sounds''.  M.G. Florentine continually captures listeners by  reminding them of the ''authenticity'' that music offers, as well as creatively enhance the scope of Reggae and Funk Music as a musician, composer songwriter and performer.

M.G. Florentine describes his music as heartfelt, layered with complicity and evolving out of raw emotion.  ''We'', people of like minds, must understand the variables are too infinite to process reality through the small prism of one's color, when ''we'' are all ''Kindred Spirits'' under the guise of Love, he adds.

M.G. Florentine adds, he cities his greatest influence was Bob Marley growing up with his music, as well as Funk and Soul.  M.G.Florentine has toured with some of the greats- Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley, The Wailers and many more, not only for their obvious musical feats, but also was influenced for their discipline and application of the craft.  ''How they maintained their focus and musical integrity was profound'', M.G. Florentine stated.  They stood fast in their beliefs during a time when ''Racial Injustice'' and ''Inequality'' prevailed, which is somewhat still the case internationally and nationally today.

M.G. Florentine stated, ''My songs are to give people strength to continue when hope is lost, motivation to overcame the hunger pain in their bellies, and vision to see the light as the end of a long, winding tunnel when their ends are stretched beyond capacity and cannot meet... My music is ''INSPIRATION''!! Which will be heard in his debut album ''BELIEVE''!!

In 2013.. while working with The Mighty Roots Reggae Band, M.G.Florentine took a small hiatus in the summer of 2013 and traveled to Kingston, Jamaica to record some music.  In the historical studio of Bob Marley - ''The Tuff Gong's Recording Studio'' is the birthplace of some of Bob Marley's greatest work.  As well as some of the biggest names in musical entertainment have worked within Bob Marley's compound.  Which was truly a great Blessing and opportunity to be part of the the Tuff Gong's legend for M.G. Florentine. Then, M.G. Florentine returned back in the late Summer of 2013, to continue on the collaborations with The Band, who are an awesome group of musicians as well. Also, M.G. Florentine, attended the Improvisation Jazz Institute in Berlin from 2013-2015.

As of the year 2014, M.G. Florentine has been on tour internationally the entire year with major concerts/venues, that continued through most of all 2015.  M.G. Florentine had been putting the finishing touches on their new EP release '' EASY SAY'' ,which was released in November 2014. M.G. Florentine music truly is Life -''each day, each vibe you get, just comes natural and makes the vibes flow'' Peace and Blessings..One Love!!

 *M.G. Florentine also signed on with CMP Music Division of Cosby Media Productions in the United States in mid-August 2014 and is currently working on his latest album, which is titled ''Believe'' LP, which was released in the United States, by CMP Music Division on the 31 March 2015-Worldwide distribution through Cosby Media Productions - CMP Music Division.

During the ending of 2015, M.G. Florentine put the finishing touches on an phenomenal single titled "RELOADED LOVE'', which he self released 1 January 2016 on TIDAL.  As well as working on finalizing a book deal in December 2016,
through Cosby Media Productions - Book Division about the making of the ''BELIEVE''LP and the artist behind the music....M.G. Florentine, more TBA soon!                                 
Through the rest of the Spring/Summer 2016, M.G. Florentine has been performing at many concerts and venues.  Also, at the same time being in the studio, working on the new Funk Album with the trio...U.C.3., which will be out in  Summer 2017.  In the mean time, please make sure to ''keep your ears tuned in'' for the latest updates.  Peace & Blessings...One Love!!

''RELOADED LOVE''  is on TIDAL, iTune, Spotify,Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Rhapsody.  Keep your' 'Ears Tuned In'' for more greatness!! 

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